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Safety applies to your physical and mental safety in the workplace. ETFO’s position is that all members are to be free from physical and verbal abuse from parents and /or students. The Board’s responsibility is to support and protect the teacher.

Workplace Violence: Workers from the public service sector are in high-risk occupations for violence in the workplace. For education workers, violence at work – even violence from students – is not a required part of the job. It is a health and safety hazard that must be addressed. Despite ETFO’s strong focus on violence prevention programs for students and policies and procedures in schools, violence against education workers continues. The health effects of violence are numerous. Physical attacks may involve acute injuries such as bruises, lacerations, broken bones, and even death. The psychological effects of violence, such as verbal threats or harassment, are less visible, but can still cause serious harm. Victims may feel anger, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. They may struggle with returning to work, seek isolation, and develop chronic stress disorder. Extreme or prolonged depression may lead to alcohol and drug abuse. Prolonged exposure to workplace violence can lead to stress health effects such as heart problems and suppressed immune system disorders (WHSC, 2000b).

A VIOLENT INCIDENT encompasses any aggressive act that causes physical or emotional harm to a member and includes violence or any threatening statement that gives the member reasonable cause to believe there is a risk of physical or emotional harm. Intent is not a factor in determining risk to members. It does not matter that an assailant may be incapable of making a reasoned judgment prior to acting.

ETFO members who have been victims of violence at work should complete this report as soon as possible. Upon completion, send one copy to your Local President and keep one copy for your records. The purpose of the Violent Incident Report, which will be kept confidential, is to gather information about the extent and nature of such incidents, and to assist ETFO in developing strategies to improve the safety and health of ETFO members. The aggregate data will also be used to develop reports, to be submitted to your employer or other bodies, as appropriate.

PLEASE NOTE: ETFO members must also continue to complete any incident reports required under Board policy, WSlB, etc. This form is in each school in the hands of the School Steward. Please complete the form if you are involved in an incident that meets the above criteria.

Send the form to the Limestone OT Federation Office Or Run a copy of the form below or fill it out and email it to the OT Limestone Office.

Please contact this Office or Toronto P.R.S. at 1 888-838-3836 if you have questions pertaining to Heath and Safety Issues in a school.

Use the windows, doors and any fans to improve air quality. Do not block radiators or vents with furniture or Keep the path to fire exit doors clear of furniture or materials. Nothing should be hung from the ceiling light fixtures. No more than 20% of classroom wall space covered with flammable materials. Do not hang materials from the windows, blinds or doors. Fire exit route signs are posted and clearly visible near the classroom door. Shelves are secured to prevent tipping. The overhead screen is mounted securely. All furnishings and carpets in the class are in good repair. Extension cords are only used on a temporary basis and are unplugged when not in use .Arrange the classroom furniture to place computers by the electrical outlets. Overhead storage should not be too heavy or overhang the shelves’ edges. Paper cutters must have the finger guard in place. All chemicals must be properly labelled and secured Remember: Report any hazardous conditions or deficiencies to the Principal or Supervisor Report any injury while working to the Principal or Supervisor and complete the appropriate paperwork. Locate the fire exit route sign in your room and find out. any lockdown, intruder emergency procedures for the location.

The Board, the Federation and the College of Teachers take the ‘ HANDS OFF’ policy very seriously. Allegations of abuse have resulted in termination of employment for some of our OTs. (There was no involvement of police or CAS.) If these allegations are proven accurate, your certificate could be revoked by the College of Teachers. If you are faced with any allegations regarding your professional conduct with students consider the situation serious. Call your Federation immediately! Provincial Office 1 888-838-3836, Local Office 613-353-6292 

How do you file a claim for benefits? By signing the Employer’s Report on Injury/Disease Form, you can fill out and sign the Worker’s Report of Injury/Disease {I 6}. Please make sure you read the Form 7 (Employer’s Report) before signing and that you agree with the details in the report. If you are unable to sign the employer’s Form 7, you can file your claim by signing a Form 1492. This form should be available in your workplace. If do not sign the Form 7 or a Form 1492, the WSIB will send you a F8 to complete. Your treating health care practitioner can also claim by submitting the Form 8 to the WSIB. If you have filed your claim by signing your employer’s form or the Form 1492, the WSIB may not send you a Form 6 to complete. If you do not receive a Form 6, phone WSIB and ask them to send it to you. When filling out the form, give as much detail about the accident you can. You should also contact WSIB and ask to be sent a Form 6, if you think that your employer has not reported your accident. The employer must give you a copy of the Form 7 it sends. If you fill out a Form 6, you must make a copy for your employee.(**The employer must fax or forward a copy of your accident re the Local President in addition to providing you with a copy.)